back to basics

After several pleas from my husband not to buy anymore dessert cook books because "We don't need to keep eating sweets," I gave in to my cravings and finally picked up Isa & Terry's "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar." Of course, he jumped right in to help me try all of the delicious new cookie recipes and we've been freaking out about how yummy they are (especially the Mocha Mamas and Lazy Samoas.) We've tried to share as many as we can with co-workers and friends, but our cookie intake has gotten a little out of control. You have to taste them, right? So, to counter-balance the sweetness overload, I've been having a lot of simple, nutrient packed meals like this one of sauteed collard greens and mushrooms with grapefruit.

Since basic salads and raw fruit aren't exactly exciting to blog about, I thought I'd share some info about a company that blew me away with their products. When my sister gave birth to my beautiful little niece 4 months ago, one of the hospital care packages was full of goodies like natural nipple butter, organic tea for breastfeeding mothers, and baby bottom balm from Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics. You can read all about their environmentally friendly, organic, toxin-free, vegan products for pregnancy, labor, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, babies, and even baby loss comfort on their website here. For a hospital whose cafeteria menu included "heart healthy" options like scrambled eggs with cheese (wtf), I was really impressed that they introduced new moms to such a positive line of products. Oh, and I was really really impressed with my sister. Being with her during labor was the scariest, yet most amazing thing I have ever seen. Moms - you are incredible.

Like most of the country, we've been having some pretty dreary weather here in Georgia, so when I saw Andria's rave about DEVA Vegan Vitamin D supplements, I immediately ordered them from Vegan Essentials. We've both noticed a big boost in both mood and energy levels since we starting taking the vitamins each morning. If you're not getting much sun exposure this winter and you're not eating any foods that naturally provide vitamin D (only animal products do), I highly recommend taking a supplement. For more information about how vitamin D works with your body, check out the Wiki page here. Thanks for the tip Andria!

Hopefully I'll learn to put my cookie cutters away for a few days and I'll be back with some new recipes soon.

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